The government of Ghana enrolled a strategy which will enhance the easy access to collecting tax in the country.

Over the years, the country has consistently worried over how citizens are reluctant in paying their taxes which is one of the greatest avenuesthe  for government to get its income.

This has, therefore, enthuse the government to strengthen the authority who is responsible for tax collection, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to find strategies into collecting its revenue for the developmental projects in the country.

The strategy is to strengthen the way government retrieve tax in the country. It is christened the tax identification number (TIN) and it is mandatory for every citizen.

Citizens will not be able to do numerous things if the tax identification number is not acquired.

See the list of things you cannot do without a TIN in Ghana below

Clear goods from the port

One may not be able to clear items or goods from the port because once your items are imported, you may need your TIN as part of the requirements to clear them.

Register your land document with the Lands Commission

Secondly, the TIN number is another requirement when registering your land hence the moment you have not got one then you will not be able to register your land from the lands commission.

Obtain a taClx clearance certificate from GRA

Before obtaining a tax clearance certificate from the GRA, a tax identification number must be one thing to help you obtain hence the TIN is much more important.

Open a bank account

How would you be able to save your money if you do not have a TIN? It is, therefore, a necessity to obtain the number.

Register your company at the Registrars General's Department or any District Assembly office

Since time immemorial, one is not able to register a company without having a TIN number. This shows that the TIN is necessary since it will be an avenue to register a company which in future may earn a daily bread for you.

Receiving any payment from the Controller and Accountant General or a District Assembly in respect of a contract for the supply of any goods or provisions of any services

This is the most crucial part that should encourage one to obtain the TIN is the above. The Controller and Accountant General is the avenue where all payments go through. Before one may get his/her salary, it passes through this avenue hence the non-acquisition of the TIN virtually means one is likely not to have any form of payment which may pass through that avenue.

Obtain payment for contracts done for the government

Contractors who have contracts with the government may not be able to be able to retrieve their payments without the TIN.

File a case at the courts

Important cases which must be seriously dealt with in court cannot be filed if one does not have a TIN number.

Obtain a passport from the passport office

Passports cannot be obtained without the TIN number. This only means that one may not be able to travel outside the country since the passport is one requirement in getting a visa for travelling outside the country.

Obtain a driver’s license and register your vehicle at the DVLA

Driving and moving freely in the country will be restricted if the TIN is not obtained. It is necessary for one to obtain a TIN especially if you want to attain a driver’s license.

Bid for contracts from a government agency

If one cannot receive payment of contracts delivered to the government, then how would you then be able to win the contract without the TIN? If one wants to win a contract from government agencies, then is necessary to get a TIN.

Conduct business with the Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies

Another thing one cannot do without the TIN is conducting businesses with the various ministries in the country, other departments and agencies, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies. This simply indicates that the TIN is a necessity for citizens since it is the avenue to a lot of opportunities in the country.