The West African country Ghana has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Equatorial Guinea to collaborate on the supply of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

This development was disclosed at the 8th Ghana Oil and Gas Summit in Accra by the Equatorial Guinea Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy Gabriel (Gabi) Mbaga Obiang Lima.

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According to him, he believes the collaboration between both countries is part of a broader project to ensure African countries have sufficient energy.

“I have to say and I want to thank my fellow Energy minister from Ghana that yesterday we signed an initiative it’s called Energy to Africa and we are starting with Ghana. We have signed a MOU to look at the possibility for us to send LNG because it is very sad that we can negotiate contract with Chile, Korea, Singapore but we cannot send a single drop to Africa”.

Mr Lima sees the possibility of great boost revenue and energy supply within continent.

He also explains that coperation between Oil producing countries in Africa can see them surpass Oil giants like Saudi Arabia and Russia.

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“if African Oil producing countries all work together, we will have a bigger impact than even Saudi Arabia and Russia put together”.

Meanwhile Ghana's energy minister, Boagye Agyarko expressed appreciation to his Equatorial Guinea counterpart for the contribution of his country in Africa’s Oil and Gas industry

He also pledged that his outfit will continue to put in the necessary measures to ensure consistent power supply in the country.