According to the minister, the reports are false, hence they must be ignored.

Reports indicated that the Aviation Ministry in Ghana sent a proposal to Cabinet to hand over the management of the terminals at the Kotoka International Airport to a private company, Tav Airport Holding Company Limited.

According to a draft memo, Airport Holding Company proposed to the Aviation Ministry that it (Tav Airport Holding) needed to take over the terminal “to help bring about the physical development of the airport enclave.”

The proposed terminal management contract further said that the terminals within the airport will be managed by the airlines while the ownership of the airport and its operations remain the responsibility of the state.

However, the Minister said the information was false and described it as political gimmicks.

“First of all, I’ve not seen anything credible on that. I would like to get something credible from whoever is putting this out there for them to explain to me what they mean by privatisation,” the minister said, adding that, “I’ve even heard that we are going to sell Ghana Airport, I don’t know whom we are going to sell it to or who is going to buy it, for how much. I’m surprised at this.”