Here is how you can use social media as a branding tool for your business

Brand strategist Charles O'Tudor shares his top tips in a Twitter chat with Business Insider SSA by Pulse.

Using social media as a branding tool for your business

Social media has become an effective way for businesses and brands to engage with their users. 

Sherpa Marketing, a digital marketing firm, found that people are more likely to follow brands than celebrities on social media. On Instagram, for instance, 80 per cent of people follow at least one business.

So, anyone who is not taking advantage of social media is definitely missing out on an audience that is willing to connect with your brand.

Charles O'Tudor, a brand strategist and external projection consultant, recently shared his top tips for utilising social media for businesses in a Twitter chat with Business Insider SSA by Pulse.

If you are ready to make social media work for your small business, read on.

Explaining the need for social media, he writes, "Social media is a double-edged sword that requires tact and strategic deployment. Social media gives brands wings to fly. It also amplifies the core brand message. Every brand must deploy the same to ensure a global reach and appeal. But it must be based on a well thought out strategy."

On what business brands are currently doing wrong with social media, O'Tudor says, "Most personal and corporate brands deploy social media without a well thought out strategy. Every platform requires a different approach based on psychographics and demographics. This is a missing link. The strategy must be well thought out. 

"Every strategy must be well thought out before implementation. Once there's a negative reaction same must be addressed from the emotional branding point of view. Going emotional and connecting with the targets is a winner all the time. Brands must focus on managing the gap between Promise and Delivery. Social media only amplifies their message. They must manage the delivery."

On his most important branding tips for new small and medium scale enterprises, the expert writes, 

  1. Define your core brand DNA
  2. Define your SWOT - stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. 
  3. Create a compelling brand offering that fills the gap in the existing market.
  4. Be consistent.
  5. Stay focused.

O'Tudor concludes by encouraging brands to take risks. "My biggest challenge remains trying to convince brand custodians to DreamBig and AchieveMore. We are too conformable with the status-quo. Nothing great happens by chance without the RiskFactor," he advises.


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