• The company says it fired the two employees responsible, and reached out to the customer.
  • After the incident spread online, Misty Laska and her husband say they've been accused of fabricating the entire thing.
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Little Caesars says its fired two employees at a store in Ohio after a customer received a backwards swastika made out of pepperonis on their pizza.

Misty Laska posted a photo of the pie on Twitter Sunday, calling the find "saddening and disturbing."

"These aren't funny jokes and shouldn't be made period and on company time?!," she said.

In an interview with a local news station , Misty and her husband Jason said they first tried calling the store, but no one answered. That's when they turned to Twitter, which eventually got the company's attention.

Little Caesars said the employees responsible at the franchise store have been fired.

"We have zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in any form, and these franchise store employees were immediately terminated," the company said in a statement . "We're deeply disappointed that this happened, as this conduct is completely against our values."

In the days since her story gained traction online, Laska says she has been accused of faking the incident.

"We're trying to solve hate, and even if this was just a joke internally for the employees, just stop," Jason Laska told Cleveland19. "Stop with the symbolism, and let it go away."

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