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  • The sandwich has reportedly returned to some New York locations.
  • Hawaii and Southern California McDonald's say they'll start serving the McRib in early November.
  • McDonald's says there's a lot of 'mystery' surrounding the sandwich's return, as not every location brings it back every year.

McDonald's is bringing back the McRib.

The fast-food chain is bringing the controversial boneless pork sandwich back to certain locations across the US in early November, according to local McDonald's.

McDonald's SoCal tweeted that the McRib will return on November 2, while McDonald's Hawaii tweeted that the sandwich will return on November 9.

On Tuesday, reports emerged that the McRib is already available in locations in at least eight states, including New York, Texas, and Oklahoma.

"There's a lot of mystery around why the McRib comes and goes, but to be honest it's a local option based on consumer demand," the main McDonald's account tweeted last week.

Part of the McRib's appeal is the chaotic customer response and copious press coverage that the sandwich receives. It doesn't return every year or to every location — which makes the hunt for the McRib even more exciting.

There's even a McRib locator, which keeps track of sightings of the sandwich. At this point, the website is probably the best bet to figuring out if there's a McDonald's selling McRibs near you.

As of Monday evening, the only confirmed sightings this year were in the Buffalo, New York area. By Tuesday, the McRib had been spotted in parts of Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

McDonald's did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for more information regarding which locations would sell the McRib.