These are the top 9 most annoying phrases to avoid in your next email

Beware of the following phrases which have been ranked as the most hated office jargon.

Angry couple for illustrative purposes (Ebony Magazine)

A 2018 Adobe Consumer Email Survey has compiled a list of top nine most-hated email jargon after conducting a poll on over 1,000 white-collar workers who own a smartphone.

25 per cent of the survey’s participants voted ‘Not sure if you saw my last email’, the classic passive-aggressive way of implying that someone is ignoring you.

This is followed by ‘per my last email’, the universal way of referring to a previous correspondence just in case it was not seen the first time. This got 13 per cent of the votes.

‘Per our conversation’ was voted as the third most hated email jargon by 11 per cent of the voters.


Here are the top nine most annoying phrases to avoid in your next email:

  • Not sure if you saw my last email — 25%
  • Per my last email — 13%
  • Per our conversation — 11%
  • Any updates on this? — 11%
  • Sorry for the double email — 10%
  • Please advise — 9%
  • As previously stated — 9%
  • As discussed — 6%
  • Re-attaching for convenience — 6%

It absolutely does. Emails are an important part of today’s world so how you send or respond to one plays a huge role in how others see us.

This was confirmed by 2017 reseach titled ‘To Err is human? How typographical and orthographical errors affect perceptions of online reviewers.”

According to the study, participants who read an email with grammatical errors thought the writer was less conscientious, intelligent, and trustworthy than those who read the same email without errors.

This proves that everything is important from how you start, your language, tone to how you choose to end your email.


Be sure to use these 15 email etiquette rules the next time you corespond via email.

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