Apple's next major new product doesn't come with a gaggle of high-res cameras or a laser etching of your name instead, it comes with a monthly subscription price and a new drama series about a morning news show in turmoil.

That new product is Apple TV Plus , a streaming TV service from Apple, and it's said to arrive this November according to a new report in Bloomberg .

The service will reportedly cost somewhere in the $10 per month range, though it sounds like a free trial of some type may be in the works. Apple has yet to officially announce any of those details.

Moreover, Apple appears to be making massive investments in its upcoming service: According to the Financial Times , the company is reportedly dropping $6 billion on just the first year of programming, and its first show is said to cost more per episode than HBO's expensive blockbuster "Game of Thrones."

Apple TV Plus The Morning Show Reese Witherspoon
Apple TV Plus The Morning Show Reese Witherspoon
YouTube/Apple TV

That number may not be entirely accurate NBC News reporter Dylan Byers said on Tuesday that the actual amount Apple is spending is "significantly less than that."

Apple representatives didn't respond to Business Insider's request for comment as of publishing.

But, as Byers points out, the number is "beside the point." Apple has a massive war chest of money to spend on programming that much was demonstrated back in March when the service was first revealed.

Apple TV Plus will feature new productions from acclaimed director Steven Spielberg, beloved TV personality Oprah Winfrey, and the first show stars a trio of megastars: Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, and Jennifer Aniston. It's the latest major paid service from Apple alongside Apple Music, Apple News Plus, and iCloud as the company pushes into new forms of revenue amid a decline in iPhone sales which have in recent years made up the majority of its profits.

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