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iOS vs Android How Ghana’s e-commerce ecosystem could be boosted by more people using iPhone over Android

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iPhone users are more likely to spend more online than Android users. This is what it means for Ghana.

How Ghana’s e-commerce ecosystem could be boosted by more people using iPhone over Android play

How Ghana’s e-commerce ecosystem could be boosted by more people using iPhone over Android

The iPhone does not come cheap in Ghana. With the current models iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus selling around GHS 4000 (USD 915) and GHS 4900 (USD 1120) for the 128GB models, the amount could fund a rent advance for a year to two depending on preference.

Apple has already unveiled the flagship iPhone X asking technology lovers to say hello to the future. But the future comes at a hefty price of a dollar short of USD 1000.

The direct exchange rate will put the iPhone X price around 4375 Ghana Cedis. But that’s not going to be the base price in Ghana. It will cost more. However, some Ghanaians will still have a reason to get Apple’s most expensive phone ever.

iPhone X play

iPhone X


But there’s more to Apple customers paying more for their phone. It’s not just about the phones.

According to Wolfgang Digital’s 2017 E-Commerce Benchmark KPI Study, filtering the 31 million sessions on both iOS and Android showed iPhone users spend more online that Android users.

The online expenditure for Android users was USD 11.54 (50 Ghana Cedis) while iPhone users spent in the region of USD 32.94 (145 Ghana Cedis) per transaction online.

The findings and e-commerce in Ghana

E-commerce in Ghana play

E-commerce in Ghana


E-commerce in Ghana is gradually being adopted by the masses. However, the development is not up to the level Ghana may want to be despite tonaton.com, jumia.com.gh, olx.com.gh and zoobashop.com trying to change the game.

Operations on the subject of e-commerce in Ghana still has some major problems.

With many shopping malls springing up as around the time e-commerce was gaining grounds, most Ghanaians still have the ideology of having an affluent lifestyle just by shopping at malls.

There is also a lack of trust for operations when it comes to e-commerce in Ghana as most people don’t believe these online prices could be one on the local markets.

All these facts make it a difficult market to penetrate.

Where iPhone users come in


As already established, iOS users have the will to pay more just to use their favourite Apple products. Findings from Wolfgang Digital’s 2017 E-Commerce Benchmark KPI Study also shows these iPhone users are willing to spend more than their Android counterparts when it comes to shopping online.

Digital marketing on Facebook also provides an option to target a particular operating system.


For marketers in Ghana, the journey can start by targeting iPhone users who are more probable to spend more.

Since iOS users according to the findings are also likely to adapt to e-commerce than the huge Android population, getting more iPhone users in Ghana could have a direct impact on online sales and expenditure by customers.