It's almost September, which means new iPhones are almost here.

Apple traditionally holds an event in early to mid-September to announce new iPhones. This year, we're expecting an "iPhone 11," "iPhone 11 Pro," and "iPhone 11 Pro Max."

The iPhone 11 is said to be the cheapest option; it's rumored to be the successor to last year's iPhone XR, which started at $750.

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The two "Pro" models, on the other hand, would be the follow-ups to last year's iPhone XS and XS Max, which started at $1,000 and $1,100, respectively.

Based on what we know, though, it sounds like the smaller iPhone 11 "Pro," and not the standard iPhone 11, will be the best option for most people.

The iPhone 11 Pro looks like it's going to be the ideal size, between the three new iPhones.

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In the image above, you're looking at machine-milled dummy models of the iPhone 11 on the left, and the 2018 iPhone lineup on the right. The new iPhones are expected to be the same size as last year's phones.

Based on what we know, the iPhone 11 Pro will actually have the smallest display: It's said to have a 5.8-inch screen, like the iPhone XS.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 will have a larger 6.1-inch display (just like the iPhone XR), and the iPhone 11 Pro Max will have a giant 6.5-inch screen like the iPhone XS Max.

As someone who's spent extensive time with the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR , I found the 5.8-inch display to be the best fit for me personally. I'd say I have average-sized hands, and that phone just feels perfect to me. The 6.1-inch iPhone XR is pretty close, but I prefer the compact nature of the iPhone XS, and that design should carry forward in the standard iPhone 11 Pro.

The baseline iPhone 11 Pro is expected to be entry point for Apple's new camera tech.

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All the new iPhones are said to have new cameras but only the two "Pro" models are rumored to feature a third rear camera lens, for a super-wide-angle camera.

By all accounts, if you're going to buy any of the new iPhones, you're going to want that special three-lens camera system.

Ask any person who owns a smartphone with a wide-angle lens, and they'll tell you that feature is essential. It lets you capture more details in your photos, and it also means you don't have to back up several dozen feet in order to capture everyone in a group photo. It gives photos a cinematic feel as well.

Since the standard iPhone 11 isn't said to come with this feature, getting the baseline Pro model means you're buying into Apple's latest tech without having to spend an extra $100 for the "Max" version.

If Apple has any other features that are exclusive to the "Pro" models, the iPhone 11 Pro is the cheapest way to experience them.

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By all accounts, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are said to have identical features. The only differences between those two phones should be the screen size, and battery capacity. (The larger phone will have more of both.)

If Apple has any other new features that help differentiate the standard iPhone 11 from the "Pro" models, aside from the rear cameras, the 5.8-inch Pro will be the cheapest way to experience that newness.

Which new iPhone would you want to buy?

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