As one of President Donald Trump's most vocal critics, Stephen Colbert probably assumed an interview with the president about his first 100 days wouldn't be possible. So he did the next best thing.

The "Late Show" team pieced together footage from Trump's sit-down with CBS's "Face the Nation" earlier this week and inserted Colbert as the interviewer in a way that made Trump look distinctly unpresidential.

"Now sir, you've been in office for 100 days," Colbert said in the "exclusive interview." "What do you think people are saying about you?"

"People are saying, 'Is he sane? I have no idea,'" Trump responded in the altered footage.

The strained US-North Korea relationship has been a hot topic for the past few weeks, so Colbert sought to find out where Trump stood on a potential conflict.

"Are you afraid you might start a nuclear war with North Korea?" the host asked.

"I was all set to do it," Trump responded in the edited footage. "As we were sitting here, I was going to have to delay you. I was going to do it as we're sitting here."

Through the rejiggered footage, Colbert got Trump to say he wouldn't touch NAFTA and Medicare — but what about "an unsuspecting woman's behind"?

"I will touch that," Trump said in the clip.

Watch the video: