This Ghanaian app is changing the digital hook up culture

Sex sells. This is no secret. Ask Hollywood. Since the 1960s, there’s been an incredible wave of liberalization of sexual depictions, particularly in the media. In today’s world, sexual gratification is placed above deeper emotional connection. It doesn't help also that the media and celebrities glamorize this. On college campuses all over the world, the ‘hook-up’ culture is not alien to millennials and Gen Zers.

Love Realm team at Yale

In case you live in outer space, hookup culture is essentially a culture that encourages casual sexual encounters. Proponents, particularly some females, report feeling ‘liberated’ by the experience and they feel it gives them power over their body and what they choose to do with it. For opponents however, the attendant risks are evident. STI’s, unwanted pregnancies, rape, ‘catching feelings’.

‘I personally think the bad outweighs the good,’ said Dr. Ansong, one of the founders of LoveRealm, a startup aiming not only to enable people build lasting relationships but also to convince and help young people to aim for and build lasting relationships. ‘I think the entire hookup experience mostly leaves people feeling pathetic and sorry for themselves. This is why we built LoveRealm’.


LoveRealm is a platform that aims to help couples and singles find and build love that lasts. It is the world’s first dating app to have a progress tracker. What this means is that, unlike other dating platforms, where people just swipe, meet, hook up, and then ‘on to the next’; the platform matches people and measures the progress of their relationships, offering suggestions on who to focus on. This goes on from the first date; to marriage. ‘It helps the person focus on that one important person, rather than sleeping around.,’ said Dr. Ansong.

The platform isn’t all talk. The company has had early success, with thousands signing up within the first few weeks of its public beta. 

‘We hope that with our supportive community, couples can freely ask questions anonymously. Our free relationship coaches and useful resources will hopefully also help young people find true love.’


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