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World Mental Health Day These 10 countries have the highest number of mental health issues in Africa

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Mental health problems are on the rise worldwide, with stress being a trigger and contributing factor towards this increase. Here are the top 10 African countries with high mental health issues.

play Patients chained while undergoing 'treatment' at a traditional healer's in the Niger Delta, (rosenyawira )

This year's World Mental Health Day comes at a time of great change in the world of mental health - with more people coming forward and openly discussing the once-shunned illnesses that affect so many of us.

Millions of people are impacted by mental illness each year, with new official data revealing that one in three work sickness notes handed out by General Practitioners are now for mental health.

And as more people are impacted by mental health, awareness around its issues has also risen recently.

Below are the African countries with highest number of mental health issues.