Czech Republic best beer-producing country in the world - Dep. Ambassador boasts

The Deputy Czech Republic Ambassador to Ghana, H.E Matej Denk has claimed the bragging rights with the conviction that his country produces the best beers in the world.

EIB CEO, Bola Ray and Deputy Czech Republic Ambassador to Ghana H.E Matej Denk.

According to him, countries that have been touted as being the biggest producers of beers including Germany and Belgium do not come anywhere close.

In an interaction with EIB Network CEO Bola Ray during the Italian Day Celebration in Accra, Mr. Denk insisted that his home country is the place where most of the recipes of beers around the world came from. With over forty industrial breweries and seventy small and medium-sized family breweries in the Czech Republic, beer is one of the most important and well-known exports in the Czech Republic.

Ambassador Denk said "Czech Republic, and I can say on authority is the number one place if you love beer country. Because beer is the national drink of the Czech Republic."

Bola Ray then retorted "It's not Germany, it's not Holand?" But the ambassador was quick to add that "no-no, we are number one in the world when it comes to consumption per capita, we have the most and best breweries. We are also the place where most of the origin and the recipes for beer came from."

He also said his country was ready to defend his stance should any change come, saying "we are ready to go with this anytime," this was after Bola Ray indicated "...I know Belgium will challenge this, I know Germany will challenge this.

"Following this interaction, Bola Ray met with H.E Ján Füry, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ghana to discuss collaboration between Ghana and the Czech Republic.

In an Instagram post, he captioned pictures from the meeting "I had the pleasure of engaging with H.E Ján Füry, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ghana. The insight he gave my team and I into his home country is unique, making it a must-visit destination."

"Apparently, aside from the numerous historical sites that weren’t destroyed in the 2nd World War, the country’s strength in cyber security is an area Ghana can tap into. We are definitely going to Prague this year."


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