10 ways Africans can make money offering B2B products and services

10 ways Africans can make money offering B2B products and services
  • Article written by BI Africa contributor: Olayinka Sodiq

The business-to-business (B2B) marketplace provides immense opportunities to all parties involved. Offering business-to-business products and services is a lucrative way for Africans to make money without leaving the continent. But do Africans know the proven ways to earn by offering B2B products and services to customers?

Africans should consider these flexible and realistic ways to earn high profits by offering B2B products and services. These highlighted ways are based on the insightful analysis and statistics from sources such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Jobberman, and more.

1. Start an Employment Agency

According to Jobberman, the primary function of an employment agency is to find ideal candidates for recruitment firms. Many companies rely on employment agencies to find candidates best suited for vacant positions.

Offering employment agency services is a business-to-business strategy that can be lucrative for skilled Africans. According to findings by Human Resources MBA, staffing agencies earn about $103,000 in the United States. Africans with connections and a large customer base can make money by starting an agency with minimal investment.

2. Start a Consulting Company

According to Harvard Business Review, consulting companies offer more than professional advice to business clients. These companies assist and implement recommended solutions to help clients achieve desired results in their business activities.

Starting a consulting company can be very rewarding. Africans can benefit from the market by offering IT, management, small business and legal consulting services amongst others. You can start small with a narrowed focus and expand over time in this market with high returns.

3. Start a Courier service

According to Career Explorer, courier services offer door-to-door delivery services for business organizations. Most courier service specializes in local deliveries and earns an attractive income. Starting a courier service is an excellent solution for entrepreneurs and profitable for Africans.

You can start a courier service with minimal capital and offer affordable services. According to ZipRecruiter, a local courier service in the United States earn over $38,000 annually. Africans with transportation that can pick up and deliver packages around town should consider courier services.

4. Start a Co-working Center

According to a report on Truic, the co-working space is a thriving sector, and Africans can benefit from it. Most Co-working centers rent out office space to business personnel in return for money. African entrepreneurs struggling to find office spaces can venture into the profitable market and provide solutions.

Co-working spaces are convergent points for entrepreneurs and business personnel to network and build relationships in respective fields. Africans can make money by facilitating a co-working center with affordability.

5. Start a Commercial Cleaning company

Commercial cleaning companies specialise in sanitizing business organizations' bathrooms as well as cleaning of floors. Most cleaning services take out the trash, do various light cleaning jobs for business organizations, and earn rewards. These cleaning B2B services ensure a healthier indoor environment and improve your training and hiring process.

According to Jobber Academy, an average cleaning company in the USA earns over $56,000 annually. Africans should consider starting this business by searching for potential customers, recruiting staff, and purchasing proper equipment for rewarding opportunities.

6. Private security organization

According to Building Security, the private security industry is lucrative and growing so fast. And Africans can benefit by offering private security services that will also solve IT-related issues for companies in return for money.

If you can protect complex objects for business organizations, you can make a fortune without leaving Africa. Consider getting a license to implement security activities without barriers.

7. Start a Public Relations (PR) Agency

According to Forbes, public relation is an essential management tool for businesses to enhance their image and achieve goals. Most public relations agencies improve business credibility and position brands as industry leaders. With the rapid growth in the advertising market, skilled Africans can make money by offering PR agency services to businesses.

If you can counsel, select and develop an effective advertising strategy and assess risks, consider starting a PR agency services. Africans with a large customer base can positively generate high profits, separating brands from competitors.

8. Start a Copywriting Agency

According to Media Bistro, copywriting agencies specializes in writing sales copy and various forms of business material. Most copywriting agencies brainstorm concepts, conduct in-depth research and develop storyboards to improve sales. It's time for creative African writers to string together a coherent sentence and make money from this B2B business strategy.

Africans skilled in writing articles or landing pages for online magazines or managing social network groups can earn a desirable income starting copywriting agencies in the continent. You can start on a minimal budget and expand your business over time.

9. Website development

According to Market Watch, website developers are in constant demand because the world depends on computers for everyday tasks. Although only a few know what makes them tick, Africans can earn a fortune in this growing market.

Skilled African web designers and computer programmers can make a fortune creating blogs and websites for business. Consider building a portfolio, gaining a customer base, and gradually growing your business with a computer. Information by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that an average website developer earns $77,200 annually.

10. Producing seals and stamps

According to Sprout, seals and stamps are essential tools for processing company documents, no matter their business model. Most companies need seals and stamps from shared certificates to invoices and holiday cards to process these documents.

With new firms opening every day, skilled Africans can earn a fortune by producing stamps and seals for companies. You can start this business at home with minimal cost and build your customer base over time.


Africans can earn a desirable passive income by offering B2B products and services, whether by producing seals and stamps, developing websites, or starting an employment agency. So, consider your options based on your skills and the highlighted annual earnings.

About the author

Olayinka Sodiq is a qualified writer with technical, analytical and copywriting experience gained from 5 years of both in-house and freelancing gigs. He is versed in finance, investments, technology, blockchain, mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcy, etc.

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