8 lucrative side hustles for legal experts in Africa

Legal experts are professionals who have qualifications and experience in law and are licensed to deal with legal issues. These professionals defend or prosecute cases, and make money by offering legal advice on matters that could require court actions.

8 lucrative side hustles for legal experts in Africa

Amid the current economic situation, side hustles have become important even for legal experts. After all, everyone needs multiple streams of income. This article therefore presents the best side hustles for African legal experts. The highlighted side income ideas are courtesy of insightful analysis from reliable sources such as Master in Psychology Guide, Forbes, etc.

According to Law Firm Suites, working as a freelance attorney is one of the best ways to make money from your passion remotely. This rewarding side hustle is a great way to get additional expertise, and Africans can benefit. With years of experience preparing documents and handling issues in the law industry, your skill is valuable as a freelance attorney.

Consider leveraging online marketplaces, showcase your legal skills and determine the type of clients and work you want to do. Besides, the skill is in-demand, and even recent law graduates in Africa can earn a decent income with this idea.

According to Creative Writing News, opportunities abound in the writing industry for legal experts with qualifications, skills, and experience. African legal experts can benefit from the increasing demand for legal professionals in the writing industry. If you can bring your understanding of the law into blog posts, articles, journals, and publications, this side hustle idea is for you.

The idea is to hone your analytical and presentation skills with critical thinking and earn a decent income with a legal blog. With thousands of law students and prospective learners online, educating the public through writing can quickly become a favorite.

According to Don't Work another Day, starting a podcast is a great side hustle for legal experts with endless opportunities. Podcasting involves making digital recordings of broadcasts available to the public, and African legal experts can benefit. African legal experts with excellent communication skills can earn a decent income in the podcasting industry.

You can start with niche legal topics, from explaining how lawyers prepare for a case to educating the public on various Supreme Court decisions. This side hustle idea presents money-making opportunities for African legal experts, especially during off-hours.

According to The Balance Careers, thousands of universities and colleges work with practicing or retired legal experts, making it a lucrative side hustle idea. While there are no replacements for real-life classroom experience, African legal experts can earn a decent side income as adjunct professors.

You can work with colleges and universities as a guest speaker and offer legal advice without taking additional classes. If you can provide legal advice and insights to law students, consider this side hustle idea to supplement your income without barriers.

According to Transcription Hub, offering efficient legal transcription services with the highest quality standard is profitable. African legal experts can benefit from transcribing and creating judicial and legal proceedings reports. If you can ensure unbreakable attention and precision during proceedings in a courtroom, this side hustle idea is for you.

The idea is to effectively and efficiently transcribe audio into well-written legal documents. African legal experts can make money by transcribing videoconference depositions, legal motions, pleading, interviews, etc.

According to Self-Publishing School, writing an eBook is lucrative, and authors earn between 40% to 60% royalties on a single book. African legal experts can benefit from the growing publishing industry by educating the audience with legal books.

If you enjoy writing and can produce books helpful to other legal professionals, you can earn money on different platforms. Amazon’s Kindle marketplace, Smashwords, Payhip, and Lulu are platforms legal experts can self-publish books with a quick turnaround. Writing a book helpful to other legal experts can earn you a passive income stream.

According to Legalpedia Online, selling test preparation resources for law students to pass the bar is a quick way to earn a passive income. If you can write test prep courses and other materials for the Bar exam, consider this side hustle idea.

African legal experts can make money by becoming test prep coaches focused on helping law students succeed. Consider making and selling general test-taking skills and strategies to help students and boost your annual income.

According to Edwards Creative Law, YouTube is a popular website where legal experts can earn decent side income without barriers. With unlimited opportunities, African legal experts with content creation skills can benefit from the growing industry. If you can create unique legal content to educate audiences, you can make money on YouTube from the comfort of your home.

Consider leveraging social media for viewers and earn per view and clicks on the major video platform. Besides, African legal experts can earn a passive income with ads and collaborate with YouTube brands.

Now you know the best side hustles for African legal experts, it's time to decide on your most lucrative passive income stream. Whatever you decide, consider your options carefully and extensively. You can earn a decent income as a legal expert from freelancing, legal writing, podcasting, and working as an adjunct professor. These side hustle ideas are lucrative and offer money-making opportunities without barriers. Remember that selecting a side hustle for its income potential is not advisable. Consider researching each point and select the right fit for you.

*The views expressed in this article are the views of a contributor at Business Insider Africa. It does not represent the views of the organisation Business Insider Africa.

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