Thinking ahead, Kenya Airways reveals diversification plan that includes purchase of flying taxis (eVTOLs)

June 23rd 2022, 10:02:38 am
Kenya Airways signs deal to acquire 40 Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOLs) aircraft
  • Kenya Airways' subsidiary Fahari Aviation will take delivery of the eVTOLs in 2026.
  • Kenya Airways' CEO, Allan Kilavuka, said the deal underpins a major growth strategy for the company.
  • Do note that eVTOL is the latest technology in air travel which makes navigation through cities easier and less dependent on fossil-fuel.

Kenya Airways said its subsidiary, Fahari Aviation, has signed a deal with Brazilian company EVE UAM LLC for the purchase of 40 Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOLs) aircraft.

In a notice that was issued via its website and seen by Business Insider Africa, the airline explained that deal also makes provision for joint studies aimed at developing and scaling the urban air mobility market in Kenya.

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The statement further quoted Kenya Airways' Group Chief Executive Officer, Allan Kilavuka, as he explained why this underpins a major growth strategy for the airline:

“Urban air mobility is the future of transport and we are honoured to be the champions of this in the region. The journey to realise the dream of eVTOL vehicles in Kenya is on course and the partnership with EVE UAM, is a key achievement for us as part of the strategy to adopt new technologies as a growth strategy for the sustainable development of Africa.”

The company will, however, not take delivery of the aircraft until 2026. In the meantime, Fahari Aviation will continue to focus on developing innovative and sustainable solutions for addressing issues such as traffic jams, efficient parcel delivery, agriculture and wildlife protection, etc.

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Fahari Aviation hopes to fully leverage EVE's zero-emission and low-noise eVTOL technology, as well as its global experience, towards the development of Kenya's nascent urban air mobility sector.

Do note that eVTOL is the latest technology in air travel which entails the use of electricity to power the hover, take off, and vertical landing of aircraft without the need for runways. It was designed to aid easier movement within cities, whilst avoiding traffic jams.


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