5 most interesting quotes from African leaders on climate change at the UN general assembly

The 77th United Nations General Assembly kicked off on Tuesday 20th of September 2022. Since then world leaders have used the platform to discuss both global issues with regional implications, and local challenges with global consequences.

Collage of African leaders 2

The theme for the event is "A watershed moment: transformative solutions to interlocking challenges" and the key topics discussed this year includes the Russian-Ukrainian war, the global energy crises and climate change.

Regardless, many African leaders used the opportunity to discuss other nagging issues including; pollution, gender inequality, youth empowerment, job creation, natural resources, education, economic reforms, Covid-19 strategies and more.

A key topic discussed was climate crises and African leaders had something to say about this. Below are five of the most interesting quotes by African leaders on the subject of climate change;

Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo

The president of Congo seemed more interested in harnessing his countries natural wealth to relief the improvised in is country. He noted that according to the Paris agreement of 2015, his country can explore its natural resources, and the economic development it entails is more priority to his people than the pollution that may follow.

“The Paris Agreement of 2015, recognizes the rights of developing countries to emit CO2 for the development of the country, but taking precautions for the global climate through their nationally determined contribution.”

Wavel Ramkalawan

Being the President of the small island nation of East Africa’s Seychelles, it’s no surprise that Wavel Ramkalawan spoke about the absurdity of small nations with very little carbon foot prints suffering the effects of climate change.

“We need bold actions not unfulfilled promises and pledges. We must also confront the gross injustice of having citizens of States least responsible for the unravelling climate-induced disaster pay for the loss and damage caused by others.”

William Ruto

“Many countries now bear witness to the unsettling phenomenon of rivers, canals and water reservoir that are drying up, on account of droughts and heatwaves occasioned by climate change. Kenya is no exception.” He warned that urgency is key and the world must work together to solve the problem of climate change.

“The latest report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change reminds us that we cannot afford to waste another moment debating the merits of doing something vis-a-vis doing nothing. It will soon be too late to reverse the cause of events and then even the best possible interventions will not suffice.”

Julius Maada Wonie Bio

The President of Sierra Leone called for global collaboration in tackling the effects of climate change. He also revealed the methods he believed would be effective in the fight against climate change.

“Beyond the usual declaratives, we must collaborate on and coordinate mitigation efforts, improve infrastructure for early warning systems, invest more in improving the management of water resources, promote disaster risk management, and enhance the conservation and protection of natural habitat.”

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud President of Somalia disclosed that up until recently, climate change has been an uncommon phenomenon in his region, but recently, his people are beginning to understand first hand, the effects of climate change.

“Our people, who have a long tradition of living harmoniously with nature and who barely contribute to poisonous emissions warming the earth, are the ones paying with their lives today. We are therefore taking the matter of protecting our environment seriously because we know that climate change is real, and we are living with the evidence of its destructive and painful reality today,”

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