Dr. Bawumia to launch a tax payers app next week

The Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has disclosed that he will launch an app that will aid payment of taxes in Ghana next week.

Dr. Bawumia at the launch.

He said that since the Ghana Card became a national identification card, there has been a significant increase in tax identification numbers.

Speaking at the Academic City University College campus inauguration on Wednesday (17 August), Bawumia said: “Next week, God willing, I am going to launch a new application for the Ghana Revenue Authority, which will then allow all these people with tax identification numbers to be able to file their taxes on their mobile phones, pay the tax, and get tax clearance certificate automatically generated for everybody”.

“People just find it difficult to file taxes but now we are going to make it very easy, a very nice mobile app and it is designed so that it can be accessible to the not so literate, to every one basically,” Bawumia said.

The Vice President recently said the banking sector is one of the main reasons why the Ghanaian economy is in shambles.

He said the banking sector cleanup cost the nation a whopping $7 billion.

An amount, he argued could have been invested in the country’s economy if not for the negligence of the previous government.

“We had to undertake a major banking crisis reform. At that time, 2018/2019, it cost almost $7 billion in order to save the banking system. Now the choice that was available was that either you let the banking system collapse or you save there was really no middle way.”

“So we had to save the banking system and the deposits of 4.6 million people [were safe],” he said.

The Vice President also said the Russia and Ukraine war and COVID-19 are part of the the challenges the country is facing.

“We had the worst economic depression since the 1930s in the global economy. Of course from the President’s point of view at the time of Covid-19, the emphasis was on saving lives and not on fiscal discipline.

“So yes, we focused on saving lives at great fiscal cost,” he noted.

Dr Bawumia, subsequently, noted that as government was strategising to revitalise the economy, the Ukraine-Russia war started, thus, setting achievements chalked downhill.

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