Mihir Sukthankar reveals 3 aspects to his budding legacy

When we leave the world, most of us hope to be remembered for what we’ve accomplished.

Mihir Sukthankar

Many people spend their entire lives dedicating themselves to a profession or industry, yet many fail to make that mark on it.

Mihir Sukthankar is one who has made it. This 19-year-old trader from California's Bay Area has a knack for making money and solving problems. His input into the stock market has spawned a massive trading community known as Traders Circle X (TCX). But he's not yet done with changing the paradigm of trading. Sukthankar believes that with enough dedication, he will leave behind a legacy to be remembered.

A Humble Start to An Industry Influencer

Though he says the stock market is in his blood, Sukthankar wasn't born into a trading family. As a high-schooler, he spent a lot of time designing and building web pages for non-profits. Sukthankar says he even taught other kids how to do the same thing. But he eventually realized there wasn't much of a financial future for him in web development. Looking for a way to make ends meet, he says he discovered the stock market, and before he knew it, things took off. Sukthankar says he would spend hours reading charts and reports, determining the best entry and exit point for future trades, and making money. When the market opened to regular non-professional traders, he was one of the first to benefit from its availability. However, Sukthankar quickly realized that earning all this money wasn't enough to guarantee his place in the industry.


Teaching Others From his Experience

As a beginner trader, Mihir Sukthankar struggled with several different aspects of the trading game. At times, he says his ignorance led him to make bad calls and lose money. However, with time, he learned and internalized these instances so he could capitalize on them. By setting up TCX, Sukthankar says he wanted to offer other beginner traders the advantage he never had. He now serves as a guide to these traders. While he offers them the opportunity to follow how he trades, he says that's not his primary concern. Sukthankar’s goal is to teach his students why he’s making the trade that he does. He says he encourages his peers to ask questions if they don't understand to ensure he can show them his thought process.

Automation and Scaling Up

With over 4,000 members and counting, running TCX is a full-time job. But Sukthankar says it hasn’t yet made the impact he wants it to in the stock market. His background in computer coding has given him a unique way to reach out to the broader market, targeting more experienced traders to use his trading methodology. He says he designed BoostedQuant — his platform that uses previous market performance and technical analysis — to determine the chances of a particular movement in the future. Naturally, like all trading methodologies, he says it's not entirely foolproof. But with intelligent management, the system could change how traders look at the market and spot their trades, he says. It's this fundamental change that Sukthankar says he hopes to bring to stock market traders. He might be young, but Mihir Sukthankar is well on his way to leaving a lasting, indelible impact on traders around the world.


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