Stanbic Bank has denied endorsing the free Senior High School policy of the Nana Akufo-Addo led government.

On Friday, staff of the bank wore school uniforms to work but some interpreted it to mean an endorsement of the free SHS policy.

The bank said the adoption of the ‘school uniform’ initiative was part of a blitz day celebrations organized to create awareness among its customers about the bank’s educational plan policy.

A branch manager of the bank in Takoradi , Richard Tetteh Doku,  told the Daily Guide newspaper that the move was not the first time the staff had dressed in school uniform as part of a blitz day celebrations.

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He said in July, this year, the bank organized a similar event during which the staff put on various school uniforms to create awareness about the bank’s educational plan policy.

“We dress like this to arouse the curiosity of our customers, and once they see us in the uniform they try to enquire why we have dressed in school uniforms. We will then take the opportunity to explain the policy for them to understand it better,” he explained.

“The staff of most of our branches in Accra and other parts of the country also put on different kinds of uniforms to mark the day. So it had nothing to do with politics or the government’s ‘Free SHS’ policy.”

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He indicated that one customer secretly took shots of the staff in the banking hall without their consent and purportedly posted them on social media and created the impression that the bank’s staff were in solidarity with the government’s policy.

“When my attention was drawn to the pictures on  and on other social media, I went to play the bank’s Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera and saw the one who took the pictures.

“We have seen the person who did it. I have given his details to the security office in our head office in Accra for possible arrest,” he added.