Teachers in the 38 colleges of education have announced an indefinite strike effective Monday September 12 over salary differences with their colleagues in other tertiary institution.

The 38 colleges of education were given tertiary status in 2004 following the Anamuah-Mensah Committee’s recommendation.

Following that, the teachers have been pushing for the same salary structure with their colleagues in other tertiary institution.

The National Executives Committee of the Colleges of Education Teachers Association took the decision after a leadership meeting.

They claim multiple attempts to get authorities to address their concerns have proved futile.

The strike action comes on the heels of multiple warning the group gave as far back as August 10 this year.

“From 2012 up till now all the engagements that we’ve had have ended in a deadlock. So we think that they have not shown any strong commitment of doing it that," National Secretary of the association Prince Obeng Heman told 3news.

He added: "We should be on new ranks now that should commensurate the new job that we are doing. All the meetings we’ve had not even one minister has been there. If even you say the substantive minister is busy, he has two deputies… Not even one of them has shown the commitment to be there.”

“we take this as a strike of our lives, a strike of destiny and we are prepared to stretch up to the limit until we are migrated. When we see the payment reflect in our bank accounts, that is when we would reconsider our decision," he said.