Group protests renaming of UDS campus after C.K Tedam

The decision by government to rename the autonomous Navrongo campus of the University for Development Studies after New Patriotic Party stalwart, C.K Tadem, has been questioned once more.

Akufo-Addo to name UDS Navrongo campus after C.K Tedam

A group calling itself the Concerned Navrongo Citizens for Development is demanding the suspension of the process.

The group, marched on the streets of Navrongo in protest to the change, saying C.K Tedam's contributions to the Upper East region cannot be traced.

They want the government to consider naming other institution after the C.K Tedam.

"Since the pronouncement was made in June 2019 until date, several reactions have emerged from various media platforms and social gatherings and market places expressing dissatisfaction of your proposal,” the group said.

It will be recalled that President Nana Akufo-Addo in June 2019 announced that the UDS Navrongo campus would be given autonomous status and named C.K. Tedam University for Technology and Applied Sciences.

He said a Bill has been laid in parliament seeking to make the Navrongo campus an autonomous University. adding that once it is approved, the University will be named after C.K.Tedem.

“In the sitting of Parliament, a Bill seeking to create an autonomous University out of the Navrongo campus of the University of Development Studies will be laid…

"Once the parliamentary processes are completed, it will be referred to as the C.K Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences,” he said.


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