5 essential 'Back to school' items

It's September, the month students and pupils resume back to school after a well deserved long holiday.


There are a list of things that are mandatory for your children, asides from paying school fees and buying a new pair of uniform.

Here are 5 important items your child needs;

1. School bags: Every student deserves a new backpack for the first day of school, little children will definitely like their bags in different colour and also portraying various fiction characters.

2. Notebooks: New season means new subjects, every child need new books.

3. Hand sanitizers: This is an alternative of washing hands, because we don't monitor what or where children touch, it is essential it is included to their new session needs.

Hand sanitizers protect them from germs

4. Pen: They definitely will be doing lots of writing this session, so get lots of writing materials for them.

5. Calculator: Not only future scientists need calculators. It is an essential need for children and teenagers.


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