The University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) has dismissed 3 lecturers of the school for allegedly soliciting for sex from some female students.

According to the authorities of the university soliciting for sex from students “is a conduct that is likely to put the name of the university into disrepute.”

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The Daily Graphic said its sources indicated that 2 of the dismissed lecturers had multiple sexual relationships with one of the students, resulting in her getting pregnant on two occasions.

The student was assisted by one of the lecturers to abort the first pregnancy which nearly cost her life. They narrated that the student “nearly died after a medical officer friend of the lecturer prescribed medication for them to buy and subsequently assisted in inserting the medicine in her”

The student bled and nearly died when the student got back to her hostel, for which reason she decided not to report her second pregnancy to the said lecturer but went ahead to terminate it herself.

The student has since graduated from the university.

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The third lecturer, also demanded sex from another lady but was unsuccessful. He threatened to fail the said student if she insisted on not giving in to him.

The lecturer later invited the lady to his house and showed her examination paper to her while threatening to fail her if she continued to turn down his proposals.

The University set up a committee to investigate the reports.

The committee, sources at the university said, “recommended that the three lecturers face the disciplinary procedures of the university, after which they were sacked”.

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Confirming the incident, the Legal Officer of UPSA, Mr Fortunate Fio, said that “something of that sort actually happened” but declined to give further details.

He explained that the issue was still receiving judicial attention, as the dismissed lecturers were challenging the decision.

It is widely known that soliciting for sex in the university is considered a serious disciplinary issue as a way of maintaining the sanctity of the university.