Discover the 3 pillars of success as per Felix Hartmann

It’s never been easier to be successful. And it’s never been more difficult. It’s hard to say how our ancestors viewed success.


For most of them, especially once they settled down as agriculturists, success must have been good food, clean water, and an ability to ward off predators. Most of us live in a world where food and water are no longer in short supply. What defines success now? Well, for Felix Hartmann, it’s still an age-old concoction of dedication, discipline, and drive.

Dedication is key

A life without dedication is a life without life. For Felix Hartmann, “Dedication is the key component of success. It’s what fuels dreams and keeps us charged when the going gets tough. Our ancestors were dedicated to preserving life and did all they could to ensure that. The modern homo-sapiens need to harness the power of dedication as well. With dedication, we can open up doors that once seemed too strong to move. Dedication helps us stay on the path when nobody believes in us. It allows us to value our strength, something that’s essential to gaining success.”

Make discipline a friend.

Discipline is what helps us keep things in order. It’s the controller of controllers and, for Felix Hartmann, “one of the most important ingredients for achieving success,” he says. For him, “discipline is the tool you use to chisel your future. It allows you to cut to the chase, do away with what’s unnecessary and make the goal clearer. When you start your day early, for instance, it brings your whole work ethic and your goal into perspective. For many successful people, discipline has been the biggest upper hand they have over their competitors. Think Steve Jobs.”

Your drive defines you

Why do you do anything? Before you answer, let’s frame it another way – what drives you? Often Felix Hartmann believes, “We see ourselves getting pulled in a certain direction. It may be where everybody else is going or where we think we’ll find success. However, few among us stop to wonder, what’s driving me there? Is it need, habit, desire, hope, or am I just running away from something? Your drive will answer those questions for you. And the more clarity you have about the essence of your drive, the easier it will be to recognize your goal.”

Felix Hartmann’s 3 Ds can help you walk the path to success over and over again.


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