Shop owner beats up customer who left negative review about his services online

The lady reportedly ordered clothes from the shop online, but later went on an online marketplace called Taobao and expressed her feelings.

Gone are the days when people go to shops and get treated badly, but leave sleeping dogs to lie.

This time, there are known online platforms where customers voice out their dissatisfactions about one service or the other, and this normally goes a long way to negatively affects the image of a given shop.


A young woman by name, Xiao Li was given the beating of her life by a shop owner after she had written negative review about his shop online.

Zhang defied all odds and travelled about 530 miles just to get hold of Xiao Li.

Eventually, when he saw the young woman, hardly was she expecting any attack so she was leisurely looking on her phone when a slap from Zhang took her unawares.

He kicked her so hard that the lady fell on the ground and Zhang then run away. Xiao Li was later hospitalized, but police have not arrested the attacker.

Maybe some customers also sometimes exaggerate their experiences. Just put yourself in the shoes of a business owner and imagine how you would feel if someone wrote the following comments about your business.


“Do not stay in this absolute dump of a hotel, and I use the term hotel very loosely.

“I cannot convey strongly enough how disgusting this place is blood stained headboards that have clearly been up since the world war (the first one), rude staff, windows that won't close, no hot water, broken furniture, dirty utensils, broken light fixings and actual poo in the kettle.

“Pretty sure I'm going to end up with some sort of rash/ disease due to sanitation conditions similar to those of a homeless crack head.In summary...this place is a complete hole,” one customer’s view about a service rendered her.

Another one also goes like, “I was most disappointed by the lack of cat paw in my room, but this was partly made up by the toilet which doubled as a floor power wash when flushed.


“The stained/burned duvet and Chester no drawers were as promised. To be fair to the place we survived.”

And then, “My girlfriend and I were having a romantic meal, however it was spoilt when an employee spat in my hair. CHEEKY OR WHAT?”


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