NPP to save Ghana from "disastrous Mahama administration"

Nana Addo said the NPP was ready to win the elections to form a very transparent and honest government promising that he will not let them down.


The flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has indicated that the party must win the 2016 elections to save Ghana from "disastrous Mahama administration."

According to him, "We win not for ourselves, not for our party but for the people of Ghana who are undergoing unnecessary hardships and difficulties."

He said there is no question about that and it is “neither for ourselves” nor the party but to help save the nation from what he described as “the disastrous Mahama NDC administration”

Nana Addo speaking at Dinner Dance and Fundraising on November 28, 2015, in UK, Nana Addo urged members to unite even more than ever as the task would be easier if they were together.

"We shall not forget one thing. We are the heir of the noblest tradition in Ghanaian politics and the most durable. Our tradition has survived deaths, detentions and exiles during the first republic. It has survived military takeovers of the country’s history and out of it all it has emerged as the most formidable political party in Ghana with the clearest message of freedom, progress and prosperity," he said.

He said the 2016 general elections are there for the party to win indicating that the NDC government has nothing to campaign on and urged members to take the party’s message to every village, every town and to all supporters as well as to those who are indifferent and even to those who do not support the party.

"You can also help; don’t inflame the situation from afar. Tell your friends and relations that all of us from the NPP are on the same side and we should spend our energies against the disastrous Mahama NDC adminstration. Tell them our task is easier if we are together."

Nana Addo noted that the NPP was ready to win the elections to form a very transparent and honest government promising that he will not let them down.

He urged all members of the party around the globe for their hard work. "I know that often it is the unsung, unmentioned, unrecognised people who do the real job."

Tell them, our opponents are the NDC. I want to urge you not to be dispirited about what you hear about the internal wrangling. Much of it is exaggerated and we now have much reason to believe that a lot of it is being instigated from outside the party. If we make a determined effort to stick together, we will come out strong and I ask you to pray for the party," Nana Addo noted.

In attendance were the wife of the Flag bearer, Mrs Rebecca Akufo Addo.

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