A veteran man of God has urged Christian men to marry as many women as they desire and are able to cater for.

Many preachers have over the years maintained that the Bible frowns on polygamy, while others hold a different view.

However, Pastor Vincent Mboya Mulwa of Christ Pilgrim Restoration Centre (CPRC) has reignited the debate as to whether the Holy Bible really preaches against polygamy.

He is of the belief that many pastors have misled Christians over the years and hidden the true stance of the Bible on the issue of polygamy.

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A Kenya based Daily Nation quoted him as saying in “The Bible people had many wives. Every woman had a husband. Widows were allowed to become concubines.”

Pastor Vincent Mboya Mulwa added that, “We must teach the true gospel. Let our Christian men marry as many wives as they wish. It's not about men’s desire to marry men women, but rather women's desire to have husbands.”

The family counselor and psychologist who has been preaching for the past 40 years has therefore tasked other men of God to have a proper reflection on the propriety or otherwise of polygamy as.

Pastor Vincent Mboya Mulwa is the author of a book he titled, "Christianity at a Crossroads: Between a Rock and a Hard Place".