Why Prince Kofi Amoabeng does not pay tithe

He added he goes to church from time to time when during a funeral or a wedding, but does not give tithe.


Resigned Chief Executive of UT Holding, Prince Kofi Amoabeng says he does not pay tithe, and has explained why in interview with Starr FM.

Mr Amoabeng said: “I don’t pay tithe. I would not give 10 percent and nobody can force me to give 10 percent of my money to anybody. So I don’t pay tithe. I do all sort of philanthropic jobs myself. I see where there is the need for me to help and I help."

Mr. Amoabeng added, “I don’t have to give it to somebody who then decides where to put the money. So it is my hard earned money and I should put it where I want to put it.”

He quickly corrected the misconception that he believes tithing is bad.

“I’m not saying payment of tithe is bad. I’m not here to say ‘don’t pay tithe’. No. I think it depends on what you see the church for and what the church means to you and does for you.”

His statement attracted some disagreements and criticisms from listeners after.


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