A research conducted by Amplifies Ghana, an institution promoting the consumption of egg, has revealed that the consumption of eggs in Ghana has increased.

The survey revealed that each Ghanaian consumed about 143 eggs in 2017.

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This finding is in contrast with one conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization which indicated that each Ghanaian eats less than 20 eggs yearly.

The Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers revelled last year that over 10% of eggs produced annually are disposed of due to the low patronage of the product.

However, in an interview with Accra-based Starr FM, The Technical Specialist at Amplifies Ghana, Comfort Acheampong said the trend has changed.

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“With the production and sale of eggs; for years now, till last year, before the Christmas, there has always been egg glut, farmers are not able to sell their eggs; they pour it away; they destroy them and so on. But last year and so far this month, there has never been an egg glut. There is always a shortage in the system.”

She added that more sensitisation programmes are ongoing to increase the number of egg eaters in the country.

Ghana produces 1.5million eggs daily and according to the Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers, it is sufficient to meet consumption needs.

Many people do not eat eggs because of its cholesterol content, however, it has been proven scientifically that the cholesterol in the egg is positive for the human anatomy.