Congratulations and admirations are just trickling in from well wishers to a 19-year-old Kansas City student, Nayzia Thomas who was able to

The young woman must have some extraordinary endurance and determination to be able to concentrate and write her exam while under the pain and anxiety that accompanies labor and child delivery.

However, determination, they say leads to success, so as she wished, Nayzia Thomas had been able to write the psychology exam in the hospital bed before she was delivered of the baby at 1:30 p.m. on that same day.

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The HuffPost reported her as having said “It was hard to focus, but I had such a motivation to finish before I brought my son into the world, so that he could be my only focus.”

Nayzia Thomas added that “My school reached out to congratulate me and make sure I was given resources and information about how I can receive extra help next semester being a new mother.”

Photos of her are generating talks and expression of shock for the young lady on twitter.