A group calling itself the coalition of unemployed nurses has chastised President

The unemployed nurses expressed disappointment in government's initiative, Nation builders Corps (NABCO).

The group said they were promised a permanent job and are expected to hit the streets today, Monday, May 7, to demonstrate against government for failing to employ them.

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Nana Addo launched the NABCO programme, on May Day in Kumasi. The initiative is expected to provide over 100, 000 jobs across the country.

As part of its initiation process, the government has suggested the inclusion of over 10,000 nurses in the scheme.

However, this development hasn't gone down well with the Coalition of Unemployed Nurses as they deem the scheme not sustainable enough.

They fear once they are enrolled under the programme, the Ministry of Health will relent on its efforts to get them financial clearance to become permanent staff of the Ministry.

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Some of the disappointed nurses said "We feel disappointed in the president because that is not what he promised, we want a permanent job, not this short term contract."

Another nurse said: "We are picking up signals that when the NDC wins the next elections they will cancel the programme and so when that happens what are we going to do? We are scared and so we don’t want this NaBCO."