Comedian ‘Nkɔmɔdɛ’ battling kidney problems

Nkɔmɔdɛ who urinates more than 15 times daily is reported to have said he took to drinking due to hardship and the seizure of his house by his wife.

Nkɔmɔdɛ now battling kidney problems

Ghanaian comedian, Yaw Donkor popularly known as Nkɔmɔdɛ is currently battling with kidney, liver problems and bladder failure.

The cause is said to have been excessive drinking.

According to reports, the comedian started drinking during his days in abroad and continued after he returned to Ghana.

The comedian who confirmed the news to Hitz News said he was in better condition now.

“I fell sick in April. After I went to a hospital in Accra for about seven months, I nearly died so they transferred me to Tema General Hospital. I had a scan and they told me there is a problem in my kidney, liver and bladder. When I got to Tema, I took another scan and they told me that my kidney is now safe,” he said.

Nkɔmɔdɛ revealed he wears dippers due to the number of times he passes urine. He lamented that apart from Akrobeto, no actor has visited him since he took ill.

“For these seven months that I have been sick, there is no actor who has come to visit me. The only person who takes care of me is Akrobeto. I can always boast of Akrobeto for what he has been doing for me. He has been taking care of me every day. Tema doctors asked me to use pampers after injection because I was going to urinate a lot after every injection. I can urinate about 15 times a day. When I called Akrobeto, he bought all the pampers for me,” he said.

Nkɔmɔdɛ became a household name during his days at Key Soap Concert Party. The comedian won Champion of Champions competition for three consecutive years. He beat Bob Okala in 1996, Original 32 in 1997 and Agya Koo in 1998.


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