A 17-year old boy from Missouri has filed a civil lawsuit against his parents for naming him Gaylord.

According to the boy, the name has allegedly made him to suffer a lot of mockeries and even serious bullying from the public.

According to worldnewsdailyreport.com, Gaylord Williams from the small city of Kirksville in Missouri has sued his parents, Dave and Carol Williams, for “deliberately making his life miserable” by giving him “an outdated and prejudicial first name”.

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In his statement of claim at the Adair County Circuit Court, the teenage boy said his parents did not like him and deliberately gave him that first name to make him “a designated scapegoat”.

“They told me several times that I was an accident and that I had ruined their life. When he was drunk, my father even admitted that they had named me like that in order to ruin my life like I had ruined theirs,” He claimed.

He further claimed his parents’ plot has worked, and that he has to endure constant mockeries and bullying because of his name.

Reports have it that the young man has even been physically assaulted on several occasions and has even been hospitalized twice.

Gaylord Williams said he had tried to get a name change in the past and asked his parents for their consent on several occasions, but they declined.

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He emphasised that “My life is miserable! I can’t wait until I turn 18 and I get the right to change my name without my parents’ consent!”

He finally decided to file a lawsuit against his parents in order to obtain a financial compensation for the sufferings that they deliberately caused him.

However, his parents have denied the allegations, claiming they simply named him Gaylord because they liked that name.