Ace investigative Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has said that a number of people in high and enviable positions will be fired this year when he releases his latest investigative piece.

Speaking on Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio he said this will put many in danger hence the country must beef up security before and after the investigative piece is released.

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“There will be a lot of dangers this year. It is will not be easy because it will have a national impact and those who will be affected may go home. A good number of respected persons will go home this year so I advise we should increase our security.”

Even though Anas failed to give details of his investigative piece he described it as explosive.

In 2017, Anas hinted that he will release an exposé which involves 60 people who have done great evil to the state.

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He mentioned this at the Third Lecture Series of the 60th Anniversary of the Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana.

“About the most challenging work that I’ve done, as I speak to you now I’ve some 60 people and I’m not going to tell you what I’m going to do but it is there. It is coming and none of the 60 people have done anything good for Ghana,” he said in response to a question.