Female students have been admitted for the first time into the previously all male halls of Kwame

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The admission follows the dismissal of an injunction application case seeking to prevent the management of the University from converting the two male halls of residence of the University into a mixed one.

On Friday, a number of them who successfully completed the registration process spent their first night at University Hall (Katanga) and Unity Hall (Conti).

“We went ahead [after the court ruling] and registered the students so I’m sure many of them are in their rooms as we speak,” Public Relations Officer of KNUSt, Kwame Yeboah told 3news.

“I went to all the halls this morning and I saw them relax and I was surprised to see many females in both University hall and then the Unity hall,” he noted.

Meanwhile some of the female students have been speaking about being admitted to the former all male halls.

"I have been allocated a room at University Hall (Katanga) and I feel excited to be among the first batch of female students to reside here”, Ernestina Osei is quoted by 3news as saying.

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“I don’t feel any form of threat residing at the Unity hall (Continental). The blocks are two and one has been allocated by females and the other is being occupied by only male students. Security is very tight here, so I feel safe”, another student, Patricia Amponsah said.