This is why hair extensions are so expensive in Africa

This is the process hair extensions go through before they are shipped to Africa.

Hair extension has been draining the pockets of many women in the last few years. Arguably, some women feel it adds some glam and class to their look whenever they step out.

But, have you ever wondered where the hair extensions really come from? The best quality hair comes from Asian or Eastern European countries where poverty is relatively high and works poorly pay. Some women often see selling their hair as the best way to make money and feed their families.

Women who grow their hair to sell keep their hair away from any contact with pollutants and make sure it is kept in top condition while to grows.


In some parts of India, women visit Hindu temple as part to perform a religious ritual which involves shaving all their hair as a sign of devotion.

This act is also to thank the gods or ask them for health and happiness in the future. The temple attendants auction the hair to processing plants who take on from there.

Hairs are sorted into different categorizations with respect to length and texture. It is then washed thoroughly and hanged to dry.

The locks go through semi touch up before they are packaged and shipped to different countries. The most expensive of the hair extensions are the ones shaved directly from the scalp.


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