Mame Adjei, the Ghanaian likely to win America’s Next Top Model

Who is my money on to win America's Next Top Model 2015? Mame Adjei, America's Next Top Model hopeful and former Miss USA contestant.

Cycle 22 of America’s Next Top Model premiered on The CW on August 5, and after a long run to the semi-finals, fans are already sizing up the contestants.

Tyra Bank’s show featured both male and female contestants. However, for the first time since cycle 13, the height restriction was removed and the competition was opened to petite models.

And one of the remaining four contestants who are likely to win  a modeling contract with NEXT Model Management and a spread in  magazine.Zappos will become a new prize for the series, the winner will be chosen for a ₵382,000.00 (US$100,000) contract to become the face of the Zappos Couture’s 2016 re-launch.

  • Final two girls:
  • Final two guys:

Who is my money on? I think one of the models has a distinct advantage over the others: Mame Adjei, . Mame Adjei is a 23 year old Ghanaian-American woman.

Yes, Adjei is the same Ghanaian lady won the Miss Maryland crown, and went on to compete in Miss USA. She made it into the top five at the big show, and ultimately walked away in the fourth runner-up spot, which is nothing to sneeze at.

And, even though she didn’t get the big tiara, competing in such a high-profile pageant must give her some skills that she can transfer over intoAmerica’s Next Top Model. In fact, each of her experiences in the Miss USA competition could potentially her a little boost.

According to Mame Adjei, both her parents are Ghanaians; her Dad became a diplomat after continuing his studies in India – something that gave her the inspiration to be more than the world supposed a girl from Ghana could be and no just remain a village champion.

And yes, Mame is proving just that continuously. With her win as Miss Maryland and 4th runner-up at Miss USA, Mame is no stranger to the competition she met at the ANTM house. And she rose above it.

In “ANTM” cycle 22 episode 14 titled “The Guy Who was a Momma’s Boy,” Mame Adjei got to meet her mother in a surprise meeting set up by the ANTM team. The meetup obviously took the beauty queen by surprise as she took to Twitter to show her immense appreciation to Tyra Bank and the ANTM team.

A lot of times, when the Top Model contestants wash out, it’s not because of their skills as models. Some of them just can’t deal with the competition itself, and exhaustion and stress get the better of them.

Adjei may not have won Miss USA, but she did win Miss Maryland — and she survived to the end of Miss USA. If she can outlast in that kind of high-stress environment, America’s Next Top Model will be a cakewalk.

And well then, she’s Ghanaian…winning big is just what we do.


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