A Kenyan TV journalist got the biggest embarrassment of his professional life at a palatial hotel in Eldoret after Kesses Member of Parliament, Swarrup Mishra “slapped him severally and spilled his drink on his face” and further made his body guards drag him out of the hotel for allegedly asking for “facilitation fee” popularly known in Ghana as ‘solidarity’.

Tuko.co.ke reported that the abashed journalist was one of many media men who were at 64 Resort to cover the climax of the Marakwet Cultural Festival on the night of Sunday, April 14.

The MP lost control of his temper and shouted publicly that the said journalist was fond of taking money from him under the guise of exclusive interview with him.

The journalist whose identity has not been disclosed had sneaked from among his colleagues and entered Swarrup Mishra’s private lounge where he was reportedly drinking with his friends.

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A source was quoted as having narrated that: “It all begun at around 2.00AM after our colleague found his way to one of the private lounges where Mishra was and requested for KSh40, 000 as appreciation for his services. The MP who was intoxicated however pounced on him, slapped him severally and spilled his drink on the reporter's face.

“The scuffle escalated when the reporter tried to use his phone to record the incensed politician who was hurling insults and gesturing obscenely. The MP’s security guards grabbed the journalist and carried him out of the lounge.”

Swarrup Mishra himself was quotes as saying “He came to secretly record me while I am enjoying myself so he can use the videos as blackmail to extort me just because I once said I had stopped drinking.”

According to reports it took the intervention of other journalists to rescue the embarrassed journalist who was only set free after all the coverage he had taken with his phone were deleted.