Ghana’s Electoral Commission appears to be in banter with Ghanaians following a post on its social media platform concerning the controversy surrounding the voters’ register.

This comes on the back of the Supreme Court order asking the EC to submit by June 29, the listof the names of all those on the voters register who registered with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card.

In a response, the EC’s official page posted this about 20 hours ago:

“#Election2016: It is a complete deception for anyone to claim that the EC cannot compile a credible list of voters who registered using the NHIS card as a form of identification. It is also false for anyone to claim that the EC cannot comply with the orders of the Supreme Court. Wherein lies the difficulty when the EC has the primary document? The Commission will fully satisfy the request of the Apex Court.”

This post has however angered some Ghanaians who doubt the EC’s competence to meet the deadline offered to it to submit the list of NHIS registrants.

The situation resulted in many Ghanaians lambasting the EC on its social media platforms, with the EC subsequently replying to the messages.

Below are some of the interesting comments between the EC and its followers: