Management of Valley View University Basic School at Oyibi has denied claims that a teacher of the school inserted a broken broom stick into a three-year-old pupil as punishment.

The mother of the child, Gifty Sannie who is a second-year nursing student at the university and has three children enrolled in the University Basic School, said the incident happened on July 19 this year.

According to her, the school is attempting to cover up the incident.

“The school authorities are protecting the teacher and trying to cover it up but I will never allow it to rest. Enough is enough!” she said.

“It was deliberate so that I could take the kids out of the school … this has been going on for a very long time, enough is enough, Valley View University and Valley View University Basic School, you are evil people, God will punish you,” she told Accra-based Class FM.

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She said that she reported the case to the Ghana Police Headquarters because she did not trust the Adenta Police Command enough to handle the alleged incident even though it was within their jurisdiction.

Ms Sannie has also called on the Domestic Violence and Victims’ Support Unit of the Ghana Police Service (DOVVSU) to get involved to ensure that the lady teacher is arrested and dealt with.

She further alleged that about a month ago, the same female teacher cut her daughter with a blade and “sucked her blood”. “You cut a little girl’s finger and such her blood, are you a vampire?” she asked.

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A police medical report has since indicated that the little girl suffered from “medile vulva mucosa, bilaterally.”

But the Senior Registrar of Value View University, Pastor Joe Hagen said that the allegations are not true.

“It’s not true that anybody inserted broom into the little girl’s vagina,” he told Accra-based Class FM.

He further expressed anger at the station for coming out with the story without cross-checking the facts.

“Did you check?” “Do you know whether the woman is mentally sick or not, did you check?” he asked.