The Minister of Information,

He said the recruits are expected to improve upon their skills in the three year period to embrace new challenges.

“In the course of the three year period that they are on the NABCO programme, our expectation is that they will develop their skills, improve their professional competences and at the end of the period, they would have acquired the skills, training and the kind of qualification upgrade that will be required to ease them into permanent jobs,” he told Joy FM.

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The Nation Builders Corps is a flagship programme inaugurated by President Akufo-Addo this week to help curb the massive graduate unemployment in Ghana.

However, critics of the policy say it will rather worsen the unemployment situation after it ends in 3 years.

But Hamid said: "We hope that in the course of the three years, any of them will find permanent jobs and exit the programme. We are hoping that the one district one factory will also be an avenue in the course of the three year period to absorb these people into permanent jobs."

He also noted that an enterprise module which is part of the programme will allow the private sector to employ some of the recruits by the end of the three year period.