Vivica Fox suggests rapper might have a gay side

Vivica Fox suggested in a recent interview that 50 cent might be gay on the side.

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Actress Vivica Fox, alongside Kandi Burruss appeared on Watch What Happens Live on the night of Sunday 8th of November with Andy Cohen.

The show saw Cohen bringing up some comments that 50 Cent made about the show Empire, Heavy reports.

Fox then “insinuated” that 50 Cent might have a gay side, saying, it was a case of 'pot calling a kettle black'

and then saying,"He just seems like he’s just got something that’s not so clear."

Fox also said 50 Cent looked like a booty snatcher on the cover of magazine Vibe, which was actually XXL Magazine.

Cohen’s translation was that when someone protests too much they’re basically hiding something. And, when asked how she’ll react to the backlash she’ll receive from implying that 50 Cent may be gay, Fox said she doesn’t think there will be much backlash because she speaks the truth.

In an earlier interview with Madam Noire, Fox had opened up about her romantic relationship with 50 Cent, explaining:

"Even though he is absolutely the love of my life, dating 50 Cent was difficult. I really, really cared for him. I loved him very much and I always will, but he just wasn’t right for me. And that’s hard when you really, really love a person in your heart and you want to be with them, but you finally have to say, ‘He’s just not right for me.’ I wish him the best. He is amazing, and baby, he fine, but to just know that if you love someone, to just know that they’re not right for you. Sometimes love ain’t always right. The heart wants what it wants, but sometimes it’s just not right."


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