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Abortion saga "You are a witch" - actress Bibi Bright fires at Nana Akua Addo

In a series on Instagram posts, furious Bibi Bright accused Nana Akua of being a scandalmonger, gossip, backbiting and bribing awards organisers for awards.

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Nana Akua Addo (Left) and Bibi Bright (Right) play

Nana Akua Addo (Left) and Bibi Bright (Right)

Ghanaian actresses, Bibi bright and Nanan Akua Addo have engaged in a 'horrible' Instagram fight after the latter allegedly used a 'fake' Instagran account to make illegal abortion claims against the former.

In a series on Instagram posts, furious Bibi Bright accused Nana Akua of being a scandalmonger, gossip, backbiting and bribing awards organisers for awards.

She also accused her of gossiping and lying about almost every lady in the industry including Becca, Victorial Micheals, Selly Ghalley, Zynnell Zuh, Yvonne Okoro, Sandra Ankobia and many others.

This is how it went down on Instagram;



First of all that stupid evil so called actress who hasn't acted a movie since the days of Noah Nana Akua Addo should know that I will come down to her level if she fools with me!! Who did an abortion? With whose cousin? You are the ONLY evil girl that I spoke to about my personal life! My boyfriend of 4yrs that I couldn't marry because before we planned to get married, we found out that we were cousins!! What is wrong about this that you have sent your stupid ppl to come comment about? And who on my set didn't know I was pregnant and had a miscarriage? Ask @freddieleonard @afeolumowe @amandaebeye @princesshyngle @zynnellzuh ? You called me and I told you about my miscarriage and my family issues with my boyfriend of that time and now you think you can use that and twist to mess me up? And wait....... Which bank manager has slept with me? I swear on Antoa that if any bank manager has slept with me then let me and my daughter die a painful death but if you Nana Akua Addo is lying.... May you and your generations never know PEACE!!! I will not come and call you belly blaze I will mention your name! Kwasiaaa you talk trash about @sellygalley @salmamumin @moeshaboduong @yvonnenelsongh @sandraankobiah @yvonneokoro @jackieappiah @julietibrahim @zynnellzuh you call them postitutes who envy you. Stupid girl when you gave us money to Nigeria to buy the international awards you just received did you hear us come talk about it? Actress my foot! How many fake account do you have? 10-15.. Ugly bitch. Try me.. Try me and you will be sorry.!! Thunder fire that stupid mouth of yours. I will not send anyone to address you I will do it myself cs I ain't scared of you! You pay $$$ just to compete with on Instagram with actresses that are actually shooting movies... Foolish Goat, go and report me to the police.. I will come and meet you. Husband snatcher, where is your baby daddy? Shldnt you be worried about him? May you and your generations be cursed for of your life.. Evil, jealous, envious girl! Me BIBI Bright..... You are coming to mess my image, let anyone do it except you. Instagram Queen and actress.. Check your level before you come at me. STUPID IDIOT..


A photo posted by QwinB™ (@bibibright) on Oct 19, 2016 at 12:19pm PDT




This is the nana Akua Addo that am taking about... The only "actress" whose profile is all about Instagram photo shoot, all she does is call A and talk about B, call B and talk about C.. She is competing with @zynnellzuh and always talking trash about this sweet girl just cos Zynell is an ORIGINAL SLAYER who at the same time is acting movies both Ghana and Nigeria ... As for nana Akua Addo, she flew all the way to AMMA awards when she had not been invited, went to beg that they make her present an award which she was planning to intentionally fall on page so the head line the following morning will Be "Ghanaian Actress falls on stage" that's how desperate she is to be seen. She gave us money to pay for her in Nigeria so she cld win that award that she just won "best west African crap" she intentionally cried at the just ended glitz award like she didn't know she will win when she knew exactly how the whole thing was going to go.. She said to me " Bibi am going to keep doing photoshoot still I become a fashionista and take over @sandraankobiah who doesn't even give a fuck about her. She doesn't deserve shit if left to me alone. She is fake, envious and deceiving. It hurts me that our followers never get to know we actresses and actors really are. This industry is big enough for all of us so nana Akua Addo do your photo shoots and get your Instagram likes and followers and leave us to be in our lane. You even hate @vicamichaels like who the fuck can hate Victoria? If you are not a witch.. As for me d3i I won't call you belly blaze oh.. I will mention your name and put up your picture... You such a witch that you even hate on @toosweetannan and got him decasted for a movie. You bad mouth both females and males. Are you correct? Shldnt you worry about your baby daddy that you took from another woman and you still planning to give him a son so you can trap him yet he is in London chilin with his new woman? See I can be classy as fuck but if you try me sister girl I will teach you that don't ever in your ugly life mention my name left alone try your best to mess me up with lies. See GOD don't like ugly and you sure are one ugly bitch!


A photo posted by QwinB™ (@bibibright) on Oct 19, 2016 at 12:58pm PDT




This is confirmation that nana Akua Addo is behind all the fake accounts.... How did this guy know that I NEVER went to nana Amya's house? Which she invited me SEVERAL times but I NEVER showed up? How did this guy know that she always called me on the phone which I sometimes don't pick cs all she does is talk bad about other actresses? See what God can do? now you see that she is behind all the strange accounts keep popping up and saying things that ONLY her and I know off? Wait so does @princesshyngle know you going around saying her waist is fake? And she did it at weija.? And oh wait does @moeshaboduong you allll of the sudden became friends with know that you called her the cheapest in our industry and she sleeps around with everyone and never appears in movies? Even tho she has more movies to her name than you nana Akua Addo do? Send you ppl and me I will address them one by one... Cs I have your time. Who cut who? Ask @sellygalley how she told nana Akua point blank that she doesn't want to be friends with her anymore cs she is too much of a negative person and nana Akua kept begging.. Me just when I landed at the airport and heard she was there to pick Selly up even tho no one had sent her to.. I drove off and refused to even see her face left alone say hi cs I hate EVIL bad mind ppl. Ohhhhh wait.. Even your own friend @mimiandanimichaels you spoke so bad about her and her husband that the guy won't marry her and doesn't love her YET the man is married to her oh and you are just giving birth for a man who hasn't even done knocking with you.. And what about your own good friend @iamellamensah we won't even go there... Cs yuh are just a nasty evil person with no heart! Keep on slaying on Instagram and get more followers and likes but let's Pray that Instagram won't shut down cs that all your whole career is based on.. as for us we are shooting movies and you can stay on Instagram and wear cloths like you are a boutique owner and they call you QUEEN pls of what? Which award are you sending us to go pay for you next? See how I could have kept your secret safe but you decided to act a fool... Bloodclut!


A photo posted by QwinB™ (@bibibright) on Oct 19, 2016 at 1:28pm PDT




See this girl erh... Let me tell you a story.... When the list came out for the glitz awards and Selly was not nominated, which she didn't care anyways... Nana Akua called her and insulted glitz to her and told her that she herself won't go to the awards cs it was bias... Ppl adviced Selly to show up but nana Akua who claimed she was selly's good Friend then kept telling Selly not to attend cs she won't even go to such an award..... I told Selly " forget nana Akua Addo she will go to the awards" Selly said no she won't go cs she was very serious saying it... Pls can someone tell me just about a week to the awards that you claimed you won't go " how were you able to contact an international designer and pay thousands of dollars for a dress? Pls this dress was ordered way long before she kept telling Selly not to go.. And pls Nana Akua Addo why did you side line Selly to the organizers of glitz n made sure her name was taken out? So that you can win Abi cs you know Selly will be voted over you? Ok oh na you Sabi.... Pls is this girl what we call a friend? You ppl on instragam don't know who this girl really is.... She spoke soooo bad about me to Selly that selly's was shocked when she realized that nana Akua even had my number and pls @serwaa55 do you want me to post what she has said about you? How you hate and envy @berlamundi and spoke bitterly why berla shld get more nominations on glitz and you also deserved Some.. And that you said that Berla isn't even better than you and she isn't really your friend... Pls I dont know if you said this oh cs nana Akua said you said them.... You did the same thing to @iamellamensah so she won't turn up for an award so you can conquer red carpet.. Pls which premier were you invited to? Or all the premiers that you buy expensive dresses to attend, where you in the movies? Funny how you said @yvonneokoro never invited you to her premier but you didn't care, you still dressed and went there. You haven't featured in a movie since 2013 and years before that n you started acting with okoro. You use money to get things done your way. But all still no stardom.


A photo posted by QwinB™ (@bibibright) on Oct 19, 2016 at 1:51pm PDT




Jesus ohhhh @nanaakuaaddo has been exposed!!! The whole world will see how evil you are!! You thought you could take an innocent girls phone and Insult me? Out of no where the truth has come out... You are evil!!! Nana Akua... Jesus are you this heartless? Pls go back to my previous posts, this lady commented about me never been to nana Akua's house only to find out this Lady didn't even comment herself.... Nana Akua you are wicked! Innocent girl... Oh oh just cs you want to make it look like you have fans? So you can take an innocent girls phone from NOWHERE and comment and not care what happens to her when you involve her I an issue she has no idea about?


A photo posted by QwinB™ (@bibibright) on Oct 19, 2016 at 3:34pm PDT




you will never know peace!!! Nana Akua Addo.... How desperate are you?


A photo posted by QwinB™ (@bibibright) on Oct 19, 2016 at 3:35pm PDT






A photo posted by QwinB™ (@bibibright) on Oct 19, 2016 at 3:36pm PDT




A photo posted by QwinB™ (@bibibright) on Oct 19, 2016 at 3:37pm PDT




You just walked into an innocent girls shop, asked for her phone... Commented to insult me for yourself and left the girl to her own fate... You didn't care what happens to her.. Pls how can you call yourself an actress, a role model and yet not care about the ppl you bring into harms way? See how she gets hold of innocent ppls phone and attack ppl on ig making it look like she has ppl standing up for her? Sooo all you ppl commenting on my page n insulting me for her, pls are you real or nana Akua just used you? Y'all stay on ig and talk about shit y'all know nothing about.... My lips have been sealed about her till she came attacking me with a fake page then I replied her..... Abeg if you are a pig and want to play in the mud, I will take off my cloths and play along with you cs me BiBi Bright, I don't have time and energy to bad mouth any one of this industry.. I always dey my place and do me so becareful when you come at me cs I will not spare you!! Nana Akua Addo I am done with you.... Pls just keep in mind that if you plan and root against me.... Truth will ALWAYS bring me out..... This is just a piece of what I can do. Go and report to the police like you just did to Yemmy baba... Evil girl.......


A photo posted by QwinB™ (@bibibright) on Oct 19, 2016 at 3:45pm PDT




The same mouth that goes on and talk bad about @princesshyngle body that it's fake and all is the same mouth that will contact her and praise her...... To those who are saying show me your friend and I will show you your character... Pls nana Akua Addo is not my friend, she contacted me and I felt as actresses we need to be one and grow together but when she started talking bad about everyone I adviced myself to watch myself and I blocked her since that day..... Whatever i write is nothing new that these ppl I have mentioned have not heard that nana Akua has said about them.. We have all been quite just to keep it classy till she came attacking me with a private issue of my life which she twisted to mess me up and pls if she can try and damage me with lies on ig, you expect me to be quite? Y'all talk shit and yet don't know shit! The innocent girl whose phone that she took to insult me is sick right now n can't stop crying cs she can't believe someone can just take her phone and use her identity like this! Imagine if this was a case of her safety? Nana Akua would have damaged an innocent girls life just for her own evil doing... Why didn't she come and comment with her own page? But has to take someone phone from nowhere? You see Instagram posts and write SLAY QUEEN SLAY!! Yet y'all don't know the real person behind the pics.. This girl needs mental help cs her level of envy is driving her crazy for real...! Me erh tomoro morning am expecting police calls cs that all she knows.. Foolish goat..


A photo posted by QwinB™ (@bibibright) on Oct 19, 2016 at 4:59pm PDT




See the lined part? When nana Akua Addo took this innocent girls phone as if she was buying something at the shop n she needed to make a call, she typed I" instead of "She" why will this girl called angel refer herself to " I only spoke to you on the phone" if she was referring to nana Akua? Evidence that nana Akua typing this comment with the girls Instagram page fucked up n used "I" instead of she which confirmed that she had the phone not angel.. See erh in this world, when you are in a hurry to destroy someone make sure you don't destroy yourself in a process... Smh I was just minding my business till she used one of her fake pages to tag me in a post I knew nothing about... Smh!


A photo posted by QwinB™ (@bibibright) on Oct 19, 2016 at 6:24pm PDT




everyone that has come in contact with nana Akua Addo has a bitter story to tell.. Even bloggers SMH Repost @swagofafricanews with @repostapp ・・・ Yesterday we came on instagram to see an uproar between @bibibright and a certain actress.. .@swaofafricanews has had a similar experience with such a character . Some of us were threatened with law suits ,police case and given stress by such a character. It was such a bad experience working with her . All we said was her cup will get full. I guess Karma real like dumsor . @sellygalley @zynellzuh @beccafrica @twinsdntbeg @yemmeybaba ybaba @zionfelixdotnet @nkonkonsa


A photo posted by QwinB™ (@bibibright) on Oct 20, 2016 at 9:37am PDT


  Nana Akua hasn't responded to the claims.

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