Amanda Afriyie made shocking revelation on her marriage with Afriye Acquah saying, "We are meant to be and my breakup with Kenpong was destined to be. I am now happily married to my husband"

Amanda in the interview disclosed she met Kenpong at the age of 17 and built her life around him. However she later found out that Kenpong was already married, but at a time that she had fallen deeply in love with him and could not leave him. When asked about how she feels about Kenpong's new girlfriend, Mona Montrage, Amanda said she has a new life now and didn't care about the choices Kenpong makes. She said, "My past is dead and gone. I now have a new life and I am focused on making my husband happy; and taking care of him to make him a better person"

Amanda further added: "I am in love with my husband and am going to be with him till death separates us.  I am a perfect wife for Afriye Acquah that is why he married me, and above all this; I am a lady that is why I found love. My husband trusts me and he knows I'm not a gold digger to dig his wealth, which is why he leaves me in charge of his money and businesses"