Anger sex is the best, give your husband hot rounds if he upsets you - Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Benson is advising women to channel their anger into orgasmic ventures.

Stephanie Benson

The Ghanaian singer has been married for 33 years, therefore, holds a lot of experience in managing relationships. Accordingly, she has been offering relationship advice to those who need it.


According to her latest revelation, anger sex is one the best sex moments a couple could have. Stephanie Benson is preaching that women should not ditch their men anytime they are having a fight at home.

She details that ‘anger sex’ best resolves petty fights in relationships than any other approaches she can think of.

A lot of you married women take sex off the table when you are angry at your partner. I’m not talking about when he is cheating, I’m talking about the normal crawls that happen in a relationship. Some of you get so angry that when you even go to bed all you do is coil up. I am here to tell you that when you’re angry with your partner, it is the best time to have sex. It is one of the best sex you could ever have," she said.

She continued that "go to where he is sitting. The sitting room, kitchen, wherever he is and shut the door. Pull his pants down and give him the best blow job he could ever get. Before he cums, put it right in there. That is the best way to get over anger. Don’t let him remember that girl he left in the office because he is pissed off. Now that I have sufficiently stimulated your senses, go take one for me".

Hear more from her in the video below.


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