Asantewaa’s mother-in-law speaks on her 'online relationship' with her manager (LISTEN)

June 24th 2022, 11:49:23 am

The mother of Asanatewaas husband has been pushed to speak about her daughter-in-laws social media personality.

Asantewaa and Cassius

The 2021 Pulse Influencer Award winner, is married to the son of NPP guru - Mr Obiri Yeboah, who was a former MP, minister and now Deputy General Secretary of the NPP.

"I married in 2017, I met my husband at a washing bay whilst on a set of a movie. I was 23 years old when we got married, I met him when I was 20," she affirmed to Delay whilst talking about her marriage on The Delay Show.

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However, Asantewaa has been in the news over the cosy relationship she has with Cassius her manager. According to critics, she is married, therefore, there must be a limit to how she allows her manager around her.

Speaking about these comments, Asantewaa's mother-in-law, Maa Vida, was asked about her life on social media and she said she has no problem with that. "I am not really worried, I know that is how her work is like and that how people are also like," she said.

She continues that "sometimes I observe quietly and get concerned but I understand it's work about people's lives so if you follow it too much it may become complicated ... I have advised her to be watchful of what she does on social media and she said ok".

During the Okay FM interview hosted by Abeiku Santana, Maa Vida added that "the social media matter I hear a lot but they are not anything that baffles me". Hear more from her in the video below.

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