August Alsina is been slammed for inappropriate behavior after he groped a female fan's breasts in front of a large crowd during his performance in Baton Rouge on Friday, September 25.

Eye witnesses claim the singer brought a woman on stage and seated her before the crowd at the Freebandz Music Fest, Friday night. While standing behind her and singing, he moved his left hand up and down her left breast before trying to maneuver on her right breast, which she then strategically covered with her own hand because she was clearly uncomfortable.

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Now, Alsina is getting called out for his actions. One Twitter user named @GuyNamedTawanda wrote, "August Alsina living his dream, and his dream is sexual harassment."

Another person with the handle @SoloExMachina tweeted, "That August Alsina video make me uncomfortable." And someone who goes by @Buppylady expressed, "She looked uncomfortable."

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"August alsina’s going to have a rough week ahead. count on it," added @bdotTM, while a Twitter user named @DearLeader10 further noted, "the girl looked uncomfortable." @tatichin similarly wrote, "That August Alsina video makes me feel uncomfortable. EYE wasn’t even there. You know you can like some1 and still not consent to touching?”

And @Youabamaimnot stated, “So about this August Alsina thing… Not okay. I dont care. He violated.”