Comedian finally admits to drugging women

The embattled comedian made the shocking revelation in a deposition back in 2005 after being sued a Temple University employee for sexual assault.

Bill Cosby has finally admitted to getting drugs to give women he wanted to have sex with in the past. He said so during a deposition for the sexual assault lawsuit a Temple University employee filed against him in 2004-5.

In 2004, undefined accused Cosby of drugging and inappropriately touching her, however, the following year the case was dismissed due to 'insufficient credible and admissible evidence'. However, documents connected to the case were just released on June 6.

During the deposition, Cosby said he had purchased the 'ludes with the intent to give them to women he wanted to have sex with. He also said he had given Constand 3 half-pills of Benadryl.'

Even though Cosby's attorney tried to block the documents from being released, the court was forced to release the testimony following more than a dozen women coming out to accuse him of sexual assault. Cosby has never been criminally charged.

In December 2014, Cosby stepped down as member of the Board of Trustees at the Temple University - where he attended school in the '60s - following the series of accusation he received from several women her allegedly drugged and sexually molested.


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